: Background

Kivisto Consulting Oy’s roots go back to 1978, when Timo Kivisto left for Sweden to get some practical language experience. He got a summer job with the transport terminal of the Swedish Post Office and returned from the trip with knowledge of Swedish and the principles of logistics.

Since senior high school he knew where he would study: Lappeenranta University of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, from which he quickly headed for materials management.

Thanks to the cooperation between Lappeenranta University of Technology and the Linköping Institute of Technology, in 1984 Timo Kivisto returned to Sweden, which was a pioneer in the field of materials management. He took a summer job with Luna AB, a wholesale company for hardware and machinery stores, inspecting their shipments to Finland.

The most natural thing was to do his Master’s dissertation about Luna AB, as the project dealt with materials management cost accounting, and which today is known by the term ‘activity-based cost accounting’.

The first job was Head of Materials in the packaging branch of Enso-Gutzeit Oy’s Lieksa plant.

It was easy in a small unit to see all the company operations at a glance and, at the same time, gain experience of international sales and purchases. He also got experience as the Head of Customer Service at the plant bought by Ahlström.

Procurement was more interesting, however, and Timo Kivisto wanted to move up the processing chain. The next job was with Oy Alko Ab, where an interesting position opened up in the procurement department, connected with packaging materials and group procurements.

The Helsinki metropolitan area also presented good opportunities to take part in association activities, and in 1990 Timo Kivisto was elected to the board of Suomen Materiaalitaloudellinen Yhdistys (Finnish Materials Management Society) where he was involved in domestic and foreign activities.

At the turn of the 1990s when the IT boom was beginning, Timo Kivisto worked for Logix Oy, an ADP company, which specialized in procurement systems. The job description included, for example, consultancy, systems definition, doing the legwork for business, and salesmanship. This was the start of Timo Kivisto’s career as a consultant, and in 1994 Timo Kivisto Consulting Oy was founded.